Covid 19 Update

Jun 9, 2020

Corona Virus Notification Platform
Hello and welcome to our Corona Virus 19 Notification Page
We have 1 new Resident and 1 new employee with a confirmed positive tests. We have had a cumulative total of 19 positive employees and 55 positive Residents.

• If your Loved one has any acute change of condition or the facility develops any Corona Virus positive persons you will be notified again as soon as possible.
• Staffing remains adequate in all of our units. We have an emergency staffing plan should we need to use it.
• The facility has hired a contractor that will provide weekly deep cleaning and sanitizing per the CDC guidelines of the facility for the next several weeks. This is on top of the daily cleaning and disinfecting we already complete per the CDC guidelines.
• The facility has implemented a new uniform policy at this time all staff are changing in to facility provided uniforms upon entry to the facility and changing prior to leaving.
• Our Infection Preventionist is working with our staff, residents, and local health department in tracing positive cases.
• At this time we are NOT admitting new residents to Asbury Gardens.
• The facility has established a specific unit within the skilled nursing facility to care for any Resident who may be experiencing signs and symptoms of the disease i.e. shortness of breath, congestion or elevated temperature where they can be more closely monitored and diagnostic testing completed to assist them on their road to recovery.
• This specialized unit will be staffed by the same nurses and CNA’s to reduce the exposure of various individuals to your Loved one. They will be able to recognize subtle changes more quickly as they are most familiar with their level of care
• We continue to follow all of the guidance for long term care facilities set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health, The Centers of Disease Control, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. There continue to be recommendations and guidance daily to help us with this pandemic. We take these recommendations and guidance to update our policies and keep our staff educated on any new interventions that may affect them.
• Per these guidelines we continue routinely completing :
Hand hygiene
Wearing masks at all times
• Team member check in process that includes temperature checks and a questionnaire and we have added mid-shift temperature checks as well
• A stringent return to work policy for any employees that may have any related symptoms
• Team member training on how the virus spreads and on all new interventions that are implemented
• Frequent Resident assessment
• Telemedicine visits with physicians as possible
• Restriction of non-essential outings this includes elective procedures, non-urgent physician visits
• Social distancing
• Restriction of group outings, group dining and group activities
• Frequently cleaning of surfaces that are frequently touched
• Standard and transmission based precautions as appropriate
• We are requesting that all residents wear a mask any time a staff member enters their room/apartment or at any time a resident may be out of their room/apartment for any reason. Please support us in these measure by discussing with your Loved ones and encouraging them to do this for their safety.
• We continue offering, providing, and encouraging solitary in room/apartment activities and also providing 1:1 activity visits at times

• We are maintaining our supplies of personal protective supplies so please don’t worry about that
• If you would like to schedule a skype or facetime session with your Loved one and need our assistance please call the facility and make this request to reception please be patient and give our staff a couple days to respond to get this scheduled for you.
• We remain very busy so we ask you to limit calls to the facility to check in. If your Loved one has any acute change of condition or the facility develops any Corona Virus positive persons we will notify the person we have listed as the emergency contact as soon as possible.
• We understand during this unprecedented you have a lot of unanswered questions please understand that we are we are providing you as much information as possible while protecting individual privacy and confidentiality.
• No further information will be given at this time. We would like to be able to take calls and emails from every family member every day but we cannot do this and continue to provide the best quality care and monitoring to each of our residents that need and deserve. This will be the only update you get, unless we contact you specifically due to a change in your Loved ones condition.
• Thank you again for all of your support during this pandemic we are doing are very best taking care of your Loved ones.
Follow all Health Precautions, take care of yourself, and Stay Well.